Situ diamond jewellery is the result of a collaboration between celebrated South African jewellery designers Philippa Green & Ida Elsje and architect/ diamantaire Gregory Katz.

Situ diamonds are encased in a block of clear epoxy resin. [in-situ (Latin) means ‘set-in-place’]

Situ diamond jewellery is exclusive (bling-bling) and modern (think hi-tech polymers).

Conventional metal settings detract from the gems brilliance. With our new epoxy setting innovation the stone floats as if magically suspended. The setting is scratch resistant and polishable. The diamond, (which is almost indestructible) is set below the surface of the epoxy and only by dissolving the polymer in acids can the stone be removed from the setting. 

This new combination of rare and everyday materials also makes possible unique optical effects such as colouration and magnification. Hence, each piece can be customized with unique colours from our extensive range.
We use only the most precisely cut diamonds. Pieces may also be customized with different sizes and quantities of diamonds.